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This Is How We Stay Organized

The key to staying organized is consistency.

Creating routine and staying true to those routines is what keeps us on track

Today on the #geeedit blog, we're sharing how we stay organized through the week and some of the practices that allow us to be our best selves.

Miriam Gee:

I always, and I mean always, start my day the night before, and here are some of my ways. Because I start my day very early and to ensure I get up - I have 4 old fashion alarm clocks and 1 alarm on my phone. I place the 4 in different places so there are no excuses.

I meal-prep my breakfast, lunch, and snack. I do it with intention because I want to feel excited about what I eat even though it’s fuel. It’s so crucial for me not to get hungry and to be fueled for my long days.

I am such a stickler for preparing my workout clothes and work clothes, jewelry, shoes the night before. My background as a stylist still influences me to create looks in my wardrobe - it’s a gift for me to keep doing it everyday with my clothes. 

All the organizing has saved me a lot of time and less stress so I can focus on the things in front of me. 
Organization keeps the noise and clutter out, and organization and calmness in.” - Miriam Gee

I love an oversized calendar! I'd have one the size of my whole office wall if i could! I have 4 big calendars at work. Love them. I love post-it’s too. Keeps the immediacy right in front of my eyes. In the evenings, I multi-task. My biggest advice to share is to focus on tomorrow the night before.

Trying to always stay organized helps keep me disciplined, focused and confident for my day. Like anything good in my life, it's this commitment and hard work that has brought me here.

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Natalie Gee:

I am constantly re-organizing! It’s one thing I can't stay on top of because I always am in the busy lane - but having less and using what I have allows me to organize more frequently and organize in a timely way.

Creating a sleep schedule (and sticking to it!) is an amazing way to get your body into a routine. I look forward to my 5 AM wake-ups because it's become my me-time. It allows me to do the things I love like working out, doing my skincare, and enjoying my morning coffee in the peace and tranquillity of my own thoughts. Going to bed regularly at 9 PM helps the early wake-up call not be so jarring and it gives me time to wind down and revel in the magic of my evening routine.

I know I thrive in my routines - they make me feel my best, give me energy and focus, and allow me to lead my full and busy life.” - Natalie Gee
Celene Gee:

To keep myself organized throughout the week, I start my routine on Sunday's which I use for meal-prepping, reviewing my notes and making sure I have everything I need to ensure I feel at my best for the week ahead.

I'm a stickler for my daily journal which helps me remember all of my tasks and deliverable for whatever the day brings. Plus I have a love affair with Post-Its - they're on my desk, laptop and even on my mirror!

Having all of my weekly calls locked into my iCal is hugely important for helping me stay organized through the week. I even add reminders for myself into my calendar for extra organization!” - Celene Gee
Steph Gee:

I have learned that the earlier I wake up, consistently, the more productive and organized I am. 

At the top of the week, I write out all my obligations and then I list them in order of importance. I’m all about checking things off my list as I get through them. 

I’ve re-structured my work week so it includes 1 whole day for content creation. This has made such a difference for my productivity because I can produce 3-5 videos in one day as opposed to random moments in my work week. 

Setting boundaries has also been so important for my productivity. I’ve made rules for myself to close my computer, not answer emails or not check work messages at a certain hour of the day so I can shift into my home/personal life. This practice has energized me for my work life!

I live by my calendar - if it’s not in my calendar, it’s not happening. I also always set a reminder for items in my calendar. It helps so much! ” - Steph Gee
Here's to staying organized!
xx The Gee's


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