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Miami Brows Services


The studios offer time-sensitive, high-tech + result-driven beauty treatments that can be customized to your skin type, available time, and desired results.


Brow Shaping

Shape, define & lift your arches.

The right brow will brighten your eyes & frame your face, like a mini eye-lift! (We recommend threading, but we can also accommodate tweezing).

15 Minutes

Brow Tinting

Define your brows with a pop of color.

15 Minutes


Giving you your best brows, everyday. Micro-blading is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement, using a hand-tool method comprised of multiple micro needles and using naturally derived ink. Our less-is-more approach creates the finest, most natural looking hair strokes, simulating the look of real hair - giving the brow the perfect "movement" with a fluffy, soft yet defined look.

Book a consultation HERE to see if Micro-Blading is ideal for you

because each treatment is customized to your brows, price is given upon consultation

Brow 911

We can rescue over-plucked in 6 sessions. We’ll help turn them into fuller, more shapely arches. The fuller they are, the younger you look. (Trust us, we’ve been there!)

Price depends on # of sessions

Facial Threading

Remove unwanted facial hair using the threading technique.

10 Minutes

Lip or Chin Threading

Remove unwanted facial hair using the threading technique.

10 Minutes

Brow Lift

Fuller looking brows with our newest service. Also known as brow lamination, this treatment features a gentle keratin formula and is designed to enhance your natural brows by creating a lifted and sculpted effect, giving a gorgeous, groomed and full shape that lasts up to 4-6 weeks. Includes Brow Tint. Brow Shaping is an additional $40.

60 Minutes

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