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Wellness a year ago

Living Optimally In Your 40s, 50s and 60s+

You are your own best investment.

As we get older and into different periods of our lives, it's crucial to implement changes in our routines that help us live optimally.

No matter if you're entering your 40s, living in your 50s, or strutting your way through your 60s, we are here to give you inspiration and wellness advice that will have you feeling your best inside and out. Natalie Gee has made major developments as she's entered her 40s while Gee Beauty Miami Skin Therapist Lisa Garcia is proof that 50 is fun and fabulous and Miriam Gee is a wealth of knowledge as per usual.

Natalie Gee:

There are so many unique superpowers I embraced when I turned 40. Some took me longer to accept BUT some are very valuable practices that I’ve embraced and I know they are helping me feel my best. 

The switch to decaf coffee was major. I know how many incredible benefits coffee has but for me the switch was based on the crutch of coffee. Using it as a mechanism to start my day and then help me get through my day - the sign I needed to look at all areas of what I was eating in order to feel like I had genuine energy. Decaf now, interestingly enough, gives me all the pleasure from making the coffee and allows me to depend on whole foods to supplement the actual need for ingredients better suited to give me replenishment and nourishment. It’s been a good choice for my lifestyle. 

People ask me all the time, being married to Rachel of Rachel Fitness is she making you work out all the time? The truth is that watching Rachel over the last 9 years, and seeing her consistent performance with weights has made me realize that weight lifting is such a gift for longevity. If you know Rachel, then you know she lives by her weight practices and has the transformed her body from pregnancy and back - even stronger now. After years of doing too many different things with fitness - I now see how important weights are to longevity, mood, energy, and a better essence of life.  

A few months ago I was in Dallas with Miriam, Celene, + Steph for an incredible launch of Gee Beauty Makeup at Joanna Czech. I was telling the girls about my sleep - not very deep, not very long and not really taking any actions to help make it better, truth is I didn’t know how! Immediately Steph enters the chat, lets me know the powerful ingredients for Arrae Calm + Sleep and suggests I sleep with an eye mask. I took her advice a few steps further and started reading at least 10 pages of a book every night and made a promise to spend less time on my phone at night. It’s been about two months now of much better, deeper sleep and I am actually feeling more energetic. I think this will be a major focus for me for the rest of my life.

I've also recently discovered that I love doing my makeup in the car! First of all, natural lighting is always integral when applying makeup so the car is perfect for that plus it's quiet and gives me a few moments for me. 

While doing my makeup in the car, I think about the day ahead, what I want to achieve and the energy I'll bring with me. It's truly a gamechanger!” - Natalie Gee
Natalie's Picks:

Natalie's In-The-Car Must Haves!

Lisa Garcia:

Aging is not easy for anyone and I try not to focus too much on the physical changes I see, nor do I compare myself with younger women because I was them, and they will be me someday.

What I focus on instead, and hold tremendous value in, are my relationships with myself, my family, and all the wisdom, lessons, and knowledge I’ve acquired over the years.

Absolutes for me have been, and what I consider to be self-care are movement, balanced nutrition, downtime/sleep, as well as time spent in nature, discovering new hobbies, reaching for personal goals, no drama and having a medical professional you can speak to and trust, prayer and stillness.

Self-care should be meaningful but doesn't need to be this opulent affair and It can look different for all of us.

With 5 decades of living in this body, I know it well and like many women in their 50’s, we are feeling some “changes” right about now. Not only understanding these changes but knowing one’s own needs and having compassion towards them, is the key.

Using the right type of skincare, the right type of make-up and the correct type of bodywork helps me with my needs to look and feel my best. Retinols, antioxidants and deep hydration are skincare ingredients that I use daily and recommended to almost everyone. Collagen powder supplements I believe have also added to the integrity of my skin and cream-based makeup products like Gee Beauty makeup work wonders on my skin giving me a put-together, dewy look that's never overdone, never dry or cakey. 

As always, my appreciation for Manual Lymphatic Drainage is never ceasing. There's a great deal of evidence out there to suggest a well-functioning lymphatic system can help reduce the dreaded side effects of menopause, with lymphatic massage being the one complementary treatment that can deliver significant improvement." I’ve added MLD to my self-care routine and highly recommend it to women.

I focus on looking and feeling my best as opposed to looking “younger”.” - Lisa Garcia
Lisa's Picks:

Questions about Lymphatic drainage?

Miriam Gee:

I believe being 60+ is being the most beautiful version of myself. I have entered each decade with such curiosity and drive, which has only grown as I've evolved. It's nice to see that what you nurture or "water" really grows. You do go through changes in your 50's and 60's, but like every step of your life you prepare based on experience.

I truly started noticing changes in my 60’s. I was blessed to have my youngest daughter Steph in my 40’s so I really didn’t see it or feel my age, remember it’s only a number. I remember being in the waiting room with other very pregnant women who thought I was in their age category and that helped me for sure. Can you imagine my hormones?! I didn’t know what was happening and no one spoke about it at that time. I'm so glad there is more of an open conversation now. 

If you know me, you know I have an insatiable drive and discipline so in my 60's I seriously started intentionally addressing my gut health, my diet, a bigger commitment to exercise, taking even better care of the skin on my body (which need a lot of work). Things change yes — weight gain, swollen breasts, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and yes flashes, as well as some hair loss. 

I started age embracing by:

Exercising, trampoline, weight training, Rachel Fitness, walking - you know I love walking. I now walk after dinner to clear my head, and my calendar of the day so I don’t take my day to bed with me. I am so mindful of my steps and my daughter Natalie bought me an Oura Ring which holds me accountable in everything.

Here are some of my best tips:

  1. At the office I take the stairs as often as possible. In fact I use the bathroom two flights up to get extra steps in.
  2. Body: skin treatments - I do Radio Frequency for my body and stomach and wow!!!!
  3. I use the Gee Beauty Duo Cleanse + Buff on my body 2x a week. It’s unbelievable.
  4. Use the Agent Nateur Body Oil and Augustinus Bader Body Cream to replenish moisture and keep my skin hydrated.
  5. Every night I put my legs up against the wall, it helps with lymphatic drainage, and helps alleviate anxious feelings in the moment.
  6. Swelling is big time for me, so whatever helps me de-puff and de-bloat, I'm all for it.
  7. Sleep: walking helps me a lot, and on the nights I need help I take Arrae Sleep, it’s a natural blend. 

Sleep is crucial and I have to admit I never understood that until my 60’s - it’s my full time job to get a good nights rest. Also for mental health, I observe my Sabbath (Shabbat) as my day of rest. I love it and look forward to it so much. I unplug completely and it has really brought me peace in my mind, soul and body. It energizes me for the next 6 days to embrace my drive.

During the week, each morning I take Holi(mane) by Agent Nateur and the Goddess Prebiotic in my coffee with cream. Collagen is a necessity for your bones, muscles, skin, hair. Prebiotic is inulin for your gut health and I have witnessed the great improvement.

I speak in terms of age embracing and age maintenance. It’s much kinder and I feel it's only by aging that we can be in touch with ourselves.” - Miriam Gee

For my hair, I keep it healthy and massage my scalp. I wear wigs. I love them. I have a few different styles, and they make me feel so polished and beautiful. What I do and have taught my daughters is that even though life has challenges, find the tools to help with challenges and for me, it’s my wigs. 

I love using tools for my face and body. The Gold Bar, is my James Bond Goldfinger, I have been using it for 10 years and I swear by it. I also carry a portable fan everywhere with me to help control my body temperature and aid with hot flashes.

For my skin I love the following:

Vitamin C - The Dr. Sebagh PURE VITAMIN C POWDER CREAM is my go-to!

Peptides - I never go without Dr. Sebagh SUPREME MAINTENANCE.

Retinol - Skinceuticals Retinol 0.5 is perfect for my skin.

Niacinamide - Joanna Czech's The Soothing Cream works so well for me.

Ceramides - Skinceutical's Triple Lipid Restore is my favorite.

Hyaluronic Acid - Dr. Barbara's Sturms Hyaluronic Serum is my #1.

SPF - I never leave the house without Dr. Sebagh's Sun & City Protection for SPF.

Toners - I carry Joanna Czech's Toner with me everywhere.

Lactic acid - My routine isn't complete without Agent Nateur's Holi(Lift)

Vitamin E - I love how hydrating our Gee Beauty Prime Beauty Oil is and mixing it with Prime Skin gives a gorgeous glow.

Here's to embracing our age!


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