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Lifestyle 5 months ago

Our Winter Essentials

Feeling the effects of winter?

Today on the #GeeEdit, we're sharing how to make the most of the season.

We're talking ultra hydrating skincare products, warming and nutritious soups, cozy essentials to create the perfect at-home vibe and in-studio treatments to give your skin the hydration and nourishment it needs. Winter blues begone!

Layering Up

It's all about embracing and using what you have to layer and protect the skin. Layering is our best-friend this season and is the road to nourished and healthy looking skin, from head to toe. We're talking hydrating cream cleansers, layering serums or light oils before reparative creams, lip scrubs and balms, dry brushing, body oils and creams. 

We keep lip balms and hand cream in every bag, in our cars and on our desks. Plus we're swapping out our lighter creams for thicker creams like Joanna Czech's The Balm + Augustinus Bader's The Rich Cream.

During the cooler months, we're spending a lot more time inside but be mindful that indoor heating can be drying out our skin. To combat artificial heat, ensure you're regularly applying super nourishing + hydrating body creams and doubling down on your products. We love to wear the Dr. Sebagh Rose De Vie Hydrating Mask as moisturizer and you can always find us with a Hydration X3 Mist on our desks!

It's all about lip hydration. Our lips don't produce their own moisture so it's crucial we nourish and hydrate them. We love starting out with our Sugar Lip Scrub followed by the Rose Lip Mask. It's a winning combo. For added rehydration, add in Skinceuticals' Antioxidant Lip Repair - it's a Gee fave!

Don't forget your SPF! It may be winter and not beach season but the sun is still strong. A classic Gee tip is to always massage sunscreen around the lip area to prevent sun damage.” - Miriam Gee

What we're layering:

- Gee Beauty rose lip mask

- Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream

- Gee Beauty Prime Beauty Oil 

- Joanna Czech C+ Serum

- Joanna Czech The Balm

- Dr. Sebagh High Maintenance Hand Cream

It's so important to adjust our routines and add in those extra steps we need to take to treat our skin protectively and properly.” - Natalie Gee
Cozy Essentials

Chilly weather means it's time to embrace all things cozy and comfortable but without sacrificing style. At the start of every new season, we love to visit our sister-store 6 by Gee Beauty to pick up a couple new pieces.

Lighting a candle also creates a cozy + warm vibe at home. Our go-to this season is the Medium Concrete Santal 26 candle!

Feeling inspired by my fashion + style each season is a big part of what makes me feel confident day-to-day.” - Steph Gee

Our Winter Essentials at 6

Warming Recipes

We don't know about you but when it's cold outside, we always crave a warming soup. Miriam is known for making the best soups and to us it's comfort food. Miriam famously uses whatever she has on hand so each recipe is different but always so nourishing and delicious.

When I'm not working, I love to cook dishes that simmer and bake, so the warm aroma of flavours fills my home with happiness.” - Miriam Gee
Hydrating Treatments

Really want to give your skin the drink of water it needs? Let us take care of you! Our Toronto + Miami studios and our team of skin experts are here for you. Our faves for the season? The Medi Multi Hydra infuses a custom blend of anti-oxidants, peptides, active serums & hyaluronic acid.

Alternatively, a reparitive oxygen treatment like our Intraceuticals helps heal broken cells, accelerates collagen production, improves immunity and promotes cellular regeneration. Featuring a dome producing 90% pure oxygen and an oxygen pen filled with vitamins to nourish and repair. You'll be glowing all the way home!

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Stay warm!
xx The Gee's


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