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Clean Home a year ago

Spring Cleaning

With Spring officially here, it's time to edit down your essentials for the new season.

On today's #GeeEdit blog, professional organizer Marie Gomez is taking over to talk all about how to tackle spring cleaning.

Where do you start when you walk into a space to organize?

I always do a walk - thru of the space to assess the current situation at which point the wheels in my head begin to turn. This is where I  become excited because the chaos serves as a catalyst. Once I assess then I begin to categorize similar items.

Do you have a favorite room or space to organize?

This is a hard one for me because I truly enjoy organizing all spaces but my top 3 would be:

  1. Kitchen/Pantry
  2. Playrooms
  3. Bathrooms

What is the key to keeping a perfectly organized space looking pristine and not reverting back to its old look?

The key like so many other things in life is consistency, regular maintenance & accountability.  Once a space is organized and a system is set in place its important that everyone that comes in contact with that space adheres to the system, like the old saying goes:

A place for everything and everything in its place.” - Benjamin Franklin

Another tip I offer is when new things are coming in then old, expired, outdated or broken items should go, otherwise, it's easy for a space to revert to its previous state of disarray. Getting organized is not a one-and-done - you need to hold yourself accountable and create new habits and new practices that will serve in keeping you organized. Keep in mind, external order translates into inner order. An organized space looks beautiful but the feeling, the shift in energy and how lite the space feels after organizing is always the goal!  No one should be stressed and avoid areas in their home - our home should be a peaceful space, our sanctuary and that's what I strive to achieve in my clients and in my own home. 

Over here at Gee HQ, we're beauty obsessed! What is the key to organizing a gorgeous-looking beauty cabinet?

I love organizing makeup and beauty products because let's face it, we all love our Beauty products!!! The key to a beautifully organized beauty cabinet is to categorize and contain. One of the most important components when organizing any space is to categorize items therefore each category has its own home. I love using Acrylic Drawer Organizers for storing makeup in drawers. For countertop spaces, I opt for Acrylic drawers and makeup organizers made for Lipstick, Eye Shadow/ Blush Pallets. These items can be purchased online or in most Home Stores. These items are affordable, durable and clear so you can see all your items. Implementing these items is a sure way to keep your Beauty Products Organized, Categorized & Displayed beautifully. 

If someone isn't able to bring in a professional organizer, what are some tips you could offer?

My suggestion is to focus on one area at a time whether the area is large or small focus on just that one area, and consider that your project. Look for inspiration online or via social media - get an idea of what you’re trying to accomplish and then model your project based on that inspo. Luckily in recent years, there’s been a lot of attention on the need for organization which has made organizational products much more affordable and carried in most retail home stores and even dollar stores. You don’t need to break the bank to be organized just a little creativity and some patience.  

On my social media, I always mention where I get my items from and how I use the same item in different areas and in different ways to match the needs for the current space.

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The kitchen is the hub of the home, how do you approach kitchen organization and what advice do you have for those looking for a minimalist yet functional feel?

The kitchen has to be one of my favorite spaces to organize because as you mentioned it is definitely the hub of the home and when organized it makes life so much easier - you save time & money when you have an organized Kitchen. 

First and foremost I like having a discussion to determine my client's needs & regular food habits and inventory to make sure the system that's put in place meets their needs and makes sense. 

e.g.  clients that have small children and are always on - the - go it's important to have snacks & drinks easily accessible - especially for the kids. 

For those looking to achieve a minimalistic approach, I recommend decanting your goods, even your spices if you wanna get adventurous. Decanting gives you a clear indication of your inventory which helps save space and money bc you’re not purchasing repeated items bc you can’t see or locate a particular item. I also encourage that every time groceries are brought in you review your exciting items and expiration dates, also go through your items as our food and dietary preferences change from time to time.  Now, I’m not saying to be wasteful and toss unopened items such as can goods or other dry goods, feel good about getting rid of these items and donate them to a food bank, shelter or someone that may make use of it.

Laundry rooms are a space that can quickly become disorganized and chaotic. Is there a quick and easy fix to stop disorganization in its tracks?

Laundry rooms often become a dumping ground for all things - even more so when there isn't a garage or storage in the home.  Like any space that's been organized by a Professional Organizer or individual the best way to prevent chaos is through consistency and maintenance of the system in place. Once a week all the spillover from that week should be looked through and either tossed or placed back in its actual home. One of the things I often see is lingering online returns pilled up,  items coming home from school that need to be reviewed, or of course those random socks and sets that are left behind until the pair is uncovered in another load of laundry. In these cases, I like to use a labeled Bin or Basket and rather than these items overwhelming the surface areas they now have a home and a timeline in which they need to be addressed. 

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Happy Spring Cleaning!
xx Marie


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