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Guide 1 years ago

Sharing Tips for a New Routine

While we are all trying to make every day (hopefully) better than the last, I like to keep a few of these reminders close. They lift me, inspire me, and help me in any way I need. I hope you find inspiration in them too!

I always lean on the feeling that I am not the first one to feel or experience feelings of inconsistency or disappointment with myself and knowing we are like a big tribe of women in this together, I immediately feel lifted.

1. I try not to use the word consistent to explain what I need to do. Instead, I focus on getting the job done, I focus on my daily accomplishments to prove to myself I am consistent. I like looking back, to see how far I’ve come.

2. I focus on finding joy in the uncomfortable moments. ​​​Trust me when I say that I don’t jump out of bed at 5 am, and I will usually snooze for 15minutes. However, once I have finished my morning routine (anything from meditation to exercise to Rachel fitness workout) in peace and quiet, I am so happy and ready to begin the later parts of my day. 
3. Meal planning is a key to success. Until I started I never thought I would be a meal planner, whether it be for me or my family. Now that I am I can honestly say it’s amazing, and it’s saved me hundreds of dollars on unnecessary take out, delivery, and unused food in the fridge. 
4. The One Thing. (Book by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan) I remember reading this book and thinking it’s so underrated how crucial it is not to multi-task or do a million things at one time! It’s absolutely OK to tell yourself how you best operate. The saying ‘happy wife happy life’, should actually be ‘happy me is the only way to be’.

5. A few quick ‘things I’ve been doing lately that I have been loving’. Drinking lots of water, creating more movement for myself in my day (ie waking more), doing laundry (finding the joy), and always making my morning coffee :) 


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