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Gee Women 2 years ago

Why Is Your Skin So Good?

Miriam Gee

talks to THE CUT magazine where she describes her skin-care routine the same way she does her career: the result of years of hard work, dedication, and commitment.

The question THE CUT wants to know: why is your skin so good?

Miriam begins her mornings drinking warm water with lemon and add inulin powder to it, which is a natural, plant-based soluble dietary fiber. Inulin works to promote smooth digestion and as we know, good skin starts in the gut.

Miriam naturally embodies the lifestyle of beauty- you can always count on her to have a lip and eye mask on hand to plump and hydrate.
I’m like a chemist or mixologist with my skin. Because I know it so well, I know I can ‘shock’ my skin a little to stimulate cell regeneration and repair” - Miriam Gee

For a step-by-step breakdown: read Miriam's at-home skin routine & learn her top tips, quick skin fixes and multi-tasking techniques to get her famous glow.