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Guide a year ago

It's ALL About Planning

The key to achieving your goals is consistency.

It's not about doing something for a long time once in a while, it's about doing small things often that lead to a big change. I love routine and have found that making your routine enjoyable takes the pressure off and the results in check. Here are my 3 best tips for planning, organizing and keeping on track:

Use Sundays as your prep day.

I used to get the Sunday blues because I never knew how to take advantage of the day that benefited me and my goals. Sundays are now my most sacred day to grocery shop, meal prep and organize the fridge so making healthy choices all week long is easy. I like to eat the same meals often so I have learned to buy things I love in bulk (hello Costco) that will last me all week long. Click here for one of my favorite weekly staples. I have shifted my mindset to see Sundays as a day of opportunity for me to be organized and successful in the week ahead!

Daily journalling.

It's so human to wake up with a million things on our minds and I have found the daily practice of journalling helps me focus on the day ahead. I write out a few goals for the day (usually never more than 3 because I want to be realistic), a mindset I want to embody for the day and anything in my mind that I want to get out. I love this notebook for daily journalling.

Use your calendar to set you up for success.

Your calendar is there to help you and the only way it can give you what you need is for you to control it. It's very important to block out chunks of time in your day or week that are for you. It could be for personal appointments, creative thinking or writing, or to time batch your work so are focused - whatever you need, but it has to be organized by you so you are in control. As a leader in business, I organize my calendar so the beginning of my week is call heavy and near the end, I block out hours for me to be present in the studio engaging with our team and clients. This organization keeps me happy and that is most important!


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