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Lifestyle 3 years ago

How To: Stephanie Gee's Sourdough Avocado Toast

"Sourdough Sundays have become a staple in my house! I look forward to it every Sunday, in the late morning and enjoy it with a fresh cup of coffee. This recipe is simple. A beautiful breakfast made in under 5 minutes. Enjoy!" 

| Vegan | Serves 1 | Total Time: 5 minutes  |
Opt for Organic Ingredients

• 2 Slices sourdough bread 
• 1 Avocado 
• Chili flakes to taste 
• Pink Himalayan salt to taste
• 1/2 Lemon


Step One: Toast 2 pieces of sourdough bread. We prefer to toast it twice so it's extra crunchy!

Step Two: Thinly slice a small avocado. We use 1/2 avocado for each slice. Lay the avocado onto the toast.

Step Three: Squeeze 1/2 lemon onto the avocado.

Step Four: Add a dash of chilli flakes on top and a pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt if you wish!

Bon appetite!

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