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Active Beauty 5 months ago

How Rachel Fitness Does Active Beauty

If anyone knows active beauty, it's Rachel Robinson!

AKA Rachel Fitness, Rachel is a well-known fitness expert, a mom of 3, a reality TV star, and founder of the RACHEL FITNESS online streaming platform. Oh and she's also wife to Natalie Gee!

Curious how Rachel maintains her skincare + beauty routines during her super active days? We caught up with her to learn how she does it!

What does your skincare + makeup routine look like before a workout and after?

My skincare routine is simple: I wash and moisturize with Augustinus Bader's Foaming Cleanser and Rich Cream - I’m obsessed! All my makeup is Gee Beauty and I use mainly Prime Skin, Eye Liner, and Multi Mascara - rinse and repeat everyday!

A skincare + beauty routine likely comes with being married to Natalie Gee! What has Natalie taught you about beauty that you maybe didn't know before?

I learned the importance of washing your face and using the right products for your skin type. Surprisingly like me with fitness - Natalie and I don’t push anything on each other we let it naturally become something we want to start doing. I am currently addicted to regular facials, brow tints, the Gee Duo Cleanse + Buff, and a rich face cream.

I also know how to do a good smokey eye now ;) 

Rachel's Gee Beauty Faves

What are your top 3 Gee Beauty essentials for getting ready for a workout?

Prime Skin 5, Multi Mascara and Charlie Nourishing Lip Gloss.

For every live workout, I always have a face of Gee Beauty on. It takes me 5 minutes but I always have my Prime Skin, mascara, lip liner, and lip gloss.” - Rachel Robinson
Can you give us a sneak peek of what's coming from Rachel Fitness in 2024?

Oh there's so much! It’s honestly going to be an exciting year!!! Expect it all- first up is the Fall in ❤️ with Fitness February Challenge!

Plus catch me on the first episode of Steph Gee's new Vitamin G podcast - launching January 24!

Discover Rachel Fitness!

This is where you will find there are no excuses. It is simple to get the best workout done in a time-sensitive manner, with real results as the focus.” - Rachel Robinson

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