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Wellness At Home 8 months ago

Holiday Wellness Edit

While the holidays can be such a fun time of year

It's also really easy to slip out of our healthy habits and the routines that keep us feeling our best. It's all about staying consistent with my regular habits and routines I keep through the year. There are some 'non-negotiables' I set for myself, like morning mediation/prayer, daily movement (walking, yoga, or a full workout), staying really hydrated, eating the foods that make me feel great, and always taking care of my skin before bed.

Because things can get busy, it's not always possible to achieve all my mind & wellness goals each day, so I choose not to focus on what I haven't done. I give myself grace & focus on what I can do, in the time & space that I have.” - Celene Gee

Some quick & easy practices I do that make such a difference for me:

- staying hydrated

- adding lemon to my water

- mint tea before bed

- deep breaths with essential oils

- laying down with my legs elevated up the wall to help with lymphatic drainage & circulation

- using my De La Heart body tool


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