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Travel 2 months ago

7 Essentials To Travel Like A Gee

Come fly with us!

This week we’re breaking down our best tips and favorite products that we take with us while in-flight and post-flight.

From how we layer our plane looks to our in-flight skincare and even our post-flight rituals, we're sharing it all right here!

1. Layering Our Plane Look

Once our bags are packed, the final step is to plan what to wear on the plane. We're all about comfort while travelling but looking polished is a Gee non-negotiable. We always opt for light basic layers but we level them up with a gorgeous coat or oversize blazer and our signature accessories like jewelry and sunglasses.

Each season i pick up a White and Warren cashmere scarf from 6 and I can't travel without it. It's so chic and it really comes in handy whenever the plane is chilly.” - Miriam Gee

Here's each of our takes on in-flight dressing.

Miriam - black leggings, black long sleeve top, long coat or blazer for a polished effect.

Natalie - sweatpants or baggy jeans and sweatshirt with a leather jacket and chunky sneakers.

celene - monochromatic athleisure with sneakers or Lizzie Slides from 6 by Gee Beauty.

steph - black leggings, a zip up hoodie and oversized blazer with sneakers.

Gee packing Tip: wear your heaviest coat through the airport so you don't have to pack it and weigh down your luggage. Also if you're wearing sandals or slides, bring a pair of socks in your carry-on to wear through security and on the plane.

2. Make The Most Of It

While travel is so exciting and such a luxury, it can be exhausting especially when it comes to delays. We have really worked to reframe unpleasant situations and turn them into positives. If a delay happens, embrace it and make the most of your time. Get your steps in around the airport or sink into that new book you brought with you (or pick up a new one!) If you're travelling with kids, a new game or coloring book can do wonders to keep them entertained!

When travelling with the kids, we always opt for the back of the plane. Not only is it nearer to the restrooms, but there's typically more room for the kids to roam and, well, be kids!” - Natalie Gee

Travelling is also a perfect time to catch up on your favorite podcasts! Download them ahead of time so you can listen on the plane or while getting your steps in around the terminal.

Catch Up On Vitamin G

3. In-Flight Beauty

If you know us, then you know we spend a majority of the time on the plane doing our in-flight facials and beauty routines. No Netflix here! We try to wear minimal makeup so our skin can breathe but also so we can allow it to absorb the cocktails of serums, oils, masks and creams.

While some people may get bored on planes, we feel this is the perfect opportunity to give yourself extra time to massage in the products and make it feel luxe and exciting! Plane air is so dehydrating so the sole focus is to moisturize as intensely as possible. We love sheet masks as they're incredible for on-the-go, as well as eye patches, and our Hydration X3 Mist which is like a gorgeous drink of water for the skin, especially during travel.

Our In-Flight Skincare Essentials

A Gee Tip: save all your skincare samples when you shop from Gee Beauty and use them while travelling! When you collect enough, you can rotate them and give yourself a new "facial" everytime. It feels so exciting to try new products plus it will lighten the load of your suitcase!

4. Post-Flight Rituals

No matter if it's been a short flight or long haul, we feel it's incredibly important to get moving as soon as you can when you're off the plane. A long walk to customs or baggage claim is a blessing for us as it recenters our bodies and gets everything moving.

Once we arrive at our destination, we quickly unpack, freshen up and head off to the closest grocery store or market to pick up essentials. We are known to stock a hotel mini fridge like nobody has ever seen! No $15 macadamia nuts for us, we are all about hydrating fruits and veggies and high protein snacks like hard boiled eggs and hummus.

Having our own snacks in the hotel fridge instantly makes us feel more "at home" and keeps us on track.” - Celene Gee
5. Keep It Moving

Nothing helps us adjust more than getting our bodies moving. Whether it's a power walk around town or in a nearby park, or a workout in the hotel gym, anything counts! Moving your body, especially if jet lag is involved, makes all the difference.

To take it a step further, we bring our skincare + body tools with us when we travel. These tools are super light and take up virtually no room in your luggage. Apply a hydrating cream or oil and start sculpting. These tools stimulate the lymphatic system and work to rid the body of excess toxins and fluid. You feel so much lighter after and it truly gets us the most acclimated.

Gee Tip: Put your skincare tools in the hotel fridge or grab ice from the ice machine to get them nice and cold — it feels so relaxing and it's great for de-puffing and calming.

6. Post-Flight Skincare

The first evening, we tend to apply skincare products aimed at detoxifying the skin. We exfoliate in the shower and apply hydrating body creams but we also take it further and apply the Dr. Sebagh Skin Perfecting Mask which is a purifying and anti-pollution mask that refines and refreshes the skin while giving it a great cleanse too.

This mask completely renews and regenerates my skin! It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth in just 15 minutes!” - Natalie Gee
7. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Even if you're not travelling, drinking enough water throughout the day is crucial. Not only for the benefit of our bodies but also for our skin. If you're travelling on a plane, make sure you drink extra water as plane air can be dehydrating to the skin. Flying can often create stress on the skin and our digestive systems (think breakouts, major dehydration, bloating or constipation), it's all about being preventative and proactive. We love adding in Agent Nateur Holi(Radiance) into our water for an extra hydration boost with incredible beauty benefits.

Once you've arrived at your destination, make sure you stock your hotel room with water bottles during your stay. Plus then it's easy to remember to take one with you when you go out for the day.

Happy travels!
xx The Gees


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