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Face Cream Men

Face Cream Men by Dr. Barbara Sturm has been especially designed for the special needs of men‚'s skin. Highly effective, potent active ingredients ensure that your skin receives care throughout the day, enabling it to stand up to the harsh effects of stress, daily shaving, and environmental factors. The cream is absorbed quickly, reduces redness and swelling immediately, visibly refines the skin‚'s appearance and leaves you looking fresh and vital right after application. Its ingredients penetrate into the deepest skin layers, where they promote cell renewal and counter inflammation. Precious anti-oxidants, squalene and super-ingredients Purslane and Skullcap bathe the skin in a range of necessary nutrients, strengthen the skin‚'s barrier function, and provide maximum cell protection by boosting the production of telomerase. Face Cream Men provides the essential elements a man‚'s skin requires over the course of the day and uses the active substances overnight for optimum regeneration, for visibly healthy, rejuvenated, fresh skin.

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