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Skincare 4 years ago

Dr. Sebagh Spotlight

"For me, beauty is about looking healthy, happy and having skin with a certain luminescence. To have skin that is in great condition (clear, even toned and well cared for) is what most of my patients strive for."

- Dr. Sebagh

Gee Beauty’s Q + A with the legendary Dr. Sebagh


Q: What is your theory on age Maintenance

A: The brand’s philosophy has always been about the skin’s individual needs, and that ‘feeding’ it properly with the correct ingredients for your skin type, in the right concentration and using the latest bio-technology available, is the key to achieving the best possible skin. I believe every woman has her own, unique beauty. For me, beauty is about looking healthy, happy and having skin with a certain luminescence. To have skin that is in great condition (clear, even toned and well cared for) is what most of my patients strive for.’
I strongly recommend a good skin care regime from a very early age: cleansing thoroughly morning and night, exfoliating twice a week to remove dead skin, protecting your skin from pollution with an SPF and HEV filter, and shielding the skin barrier. Having regular facials and seeing a good cosmetic doctor will ensure that your skin is well maintained and that it will respond better to any cosmetic treatments you may choose to undergo
I have been looking at skin all day long for over 35 years and I created and developed many of the Dr Sebagh ‘Ageing-Maintenance’ products as a result of specific issues I have seen with my patients. I am lucky to have my own laboratories in France and am able to develop and manufacture products as soon as I have an idea. Since the creation of the brand we have been at the forefront of bio-technology, innovation and formulation.

Q: Your Vitamin C Powder is so unique. Can you tell us more about the innovation behind this product? 

A: Our Vitamin C Pure Powder Cream is a pure pharmaceutical grade L-ascorbic acid at a 27% concentration blended into a patented powder cream. When the powder comes into contact with the skin it releases Vitamin C and transforms it into a lightweight cream which can be used on its own or mixed with any serum, moisturizer or mask. The product can be used daily to maintain radiance and to shield against the ageing effects of free radical-generating UV rays, environmental pollution and stress. The multi-tasking beauty icon also helps to maintain the skin’s natural elasticity, thanks to its positive effects on collagen synthesis, and to reduce the appearance of age spots and pigmentation.

Q: Your Supreme Maintenance, Rose De Vie and Serum Repair are 3 of our best sellers at Gee Beauty. Why should we combine all 3 on our skin?

A: A skin care regime should always be tailored to your needs which will change at different times throughout the year according to your life cycle and to your given environment. Combining these three serums will provide a bespoke hydrating, moisturising and anti-ageing ‎solution for your skin that will be much stronger than any single cream. Of course adding a sprinkle of my Pure Vitamin C to the mix will boost the cocktail and give you enhanced protection against dark spots and reduce existing blemishes.
Moisturising is essential to restore the skin barrier, protect against environmental aggressors, seal in hydration and keep skin plump. Deeply moisturise and soothe your skin with Rose de Vie Serum, with antioxidant and nourishing rosehip oil, blended with our hydrating Serum Repair which has over 60% Hyaluronic acid which leaves skin looking and feeling plumped, firmer and tighter. Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum, which contains 95% active anti-oxidents, more than any other skin care product including the ‘youth molecule’ Resveratrol, three anti-aging peptides, a mineral radiance booster and an anti-pollution film. 


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