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Lifestyle 9 months ago

Looking Back At Our Wedding Weekend

I can't believe it's already been two weeks since our wedding!

The whole weekend was so magical. Every moment felt so special. 

Today on the #GeeEdit blog, I'm looking back at our wedding weekend to give an inside look at the festivities. Plus I'm sharing how I stayed present and enjoyed every single second.

Stay True To Yourself

We decided on a wedding style that worked best for us - from what suited our personalities to meeting our budget. We did a 3-day wedding, which included: a Jewish wedding ceremony on Thursday at Yorkville Jewish Centre, a Shabbat Dinner on Friday night and a party for our friends at Manita on Saturday night. 

Our wedding ceremony was very spiritual, emotional and filled with Jewish traditions we honoured in very modern ways that were true to us.” - Steph Gee

Before our ceremony, we hosted a Tish and Bedeken, which are Jewish ceremonies to honor the groom's 'last drink' as a bachelor, and the bride's holiness as she becomes a wife. Once the Tish is complete, the groom is surrounded by his friends and family and brought to the bride, where he gives her a blessing and then proceeds to cover her with her veil to acknowledge that he is marrying her for her internal beauty.

During a bride's Bedeken, it is believed that she is her holiest self. Loved ones can bless the bride and the bride has the honor to give her loved ones blessings.

It was such an incredibly beautiful, connected and emotional event that I will never forget. ” - Steph Gee

We had the honor and privilege to be married by Rabbi Meir and Rebbetzin Nechama Dubrawsky, founders of Yorkville Jewish Centre, who have been close family friends for 5 years. 

While we had planned for an outdoor ceremony and indoor cocktail party, we really leaned into the energy of the party, which was happiest staying outside all night. It felt like a Brooklyn meets Europe street party that everyone felt so relaxed and happy to enjoy. 

Staying Present:

We (my mum, sisters and I) started Thursday off by having our morning coffee on the balcony in our pajamas. The weather was calm and breezy and we were able to sit in the peace and quiet before the day began. I highly recommend planning the morning, because once hair and makeup start, you're off to the races.

Getting Ready essentials:

Party Time

Saturday night was so representative of us and our relationship. We've been going on date nights to Manita since they opened in 2020 and we always wanted to celebrate our marriage in a space we love so much. The food was delicious and the drinks were 11/10. We renamed the Hugo Spritz to a Ju-Gee Spritz, and let me tell you, it was a huge hit.

The whole night was so relaxed and so fun.” - Steph Gee

Saturday night's glam was all about feeling true to myself. I decided to not wear my clip in extensions, or false lashes. I loved the casualness of the evening while still being true to me and my sense of style in a more glamorous dress. 

Reflecting Back

What I've learned about weddings is it's all about being present in the moment and going with the flow. You can't control everything but what you can control is your energy. Like every live event, things do not go 100% according to plan, but it's important to keep the energy moving and focus on what's important to the both of you as a couple.

Julien and I are so blessed and we want to thank the incredible Gee Beauty community for your amazing words as we embrace being newlyweds!” - Steph Gee

The Gee-Abesdris Playlist

Thank you for all the love! We are so grateful.
xx Steph Gee-Abesdris


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