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DRx SpotLite Acne Treatment

The Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpotLite acne treatment helps to target and treat acne at all stages, even before it surfaces. Maximizing the full spectrum of acne-fighting wavelengths, the blue light penetrates just beneath skin’s surface to fight acne-causing bacteria – at the same time, the red light goes deeper to heal skin, reducing inflammation and redness. Dual purpose LED lights heal active breakouts and prevent future ones from forming while simultaneously flattening blemishes and treating post-acne dark spots. See a reduction in pimple size, redness, and inflammation within days.
100% of participants reported some improvement in the reduction of acne (in a 2-week daily-use clinical study)
Skin Benefits
Clears existing breakoutsReduces acne-causing bacteriaReduces risk of scarringPromotes healthier-looking skinPrevents acne flare-upsCalms redness and reduces inflammation

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