Mrs. Mandolin x Gee Beauty Bronze Beauty Kit Light

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The Endless Summer Bronze Beauty Kit is a collaboration between Mrs. Mandolin x Gee Beauty. The makeup kit is inspired by Mrs. Mandolin's Anastasia Koutsioukis' summer travels to the Mediterranean, and her fresh and effortless sun-kissed beauty look. A Gee Beauty makeup lover, Anastasia hand-picked her 6 makeup essentials that are always packed with her on her travels.

How To Use

Step 1: SKIN

Apply 1-2 pumps of Prime Skin Tinted Power Primer Light  + blend onto cheeks, forehead, nose + chin using circular, outward motions, blend into jawline, hairline, around nose, mouth, eyelids + under-eye for a fresh + natural glow.

Step 2: BROWS
With light, soft strokes, Start at inner base of brow + fill in on upward, diagonal motion, along arch + down towards end tip to create more length. fill in any sparse areas. brush through brows to blend for a naturally groomed finish. 

Step 3: BRONZE
Sweep bronzer along + under cheekbones, top of forehead, down center of nose + under jawline for soft, sun-kissed color. sweep onto chest + collarbone. with a smaller brush, try using bronzer in eyelid crease for golden definition.

Step 4: BLUSH
Dab cheek color along top of cheekbones, apples of cheeks + blend with fingertips. Apply on lips for soft, sheer color.

Step 5: LIPS
Apply gloss to center of lips + press together to disperse.

“There is nothing more happy & youthful looking than dewy sun-kissed skin, and to prolong that look, I have picked my favorite products to have an endless summer glow!” – Anastasia Koutsioukis