David Mallett Shampoo no.1 (250ml)

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No. 1 L'Hydration Shampoo was developed to cleanse and open hair cuticles - making it easier to absorb moisture and restore hair's natural health and shine. It is appropriate for both normal and dry hair. The product is especially effective for hair which is dry or damaged from over treatment and frequent blow drying. Developed from only high-quality active ingredients, the shampoo is not diluted with additional chemicals. And like all products in the No.1 range it is fragrance-free, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

How To Use

No. 1 L'Hydration Shampoo can be used separately or together with No. 1 L'Hydration Conditioner as a part of a full moisture regimen.

“The ultimate hydrating treatment for hair. Leaves my hair with a healthy shine!” says Natalie Gee

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