David Mallett Conditioner No. 1 (250ml)

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Developed to deliver maximum moisture to normal and dry hair, Paris-based hairstylist David Mallett’s L’Hydratation range follows shampoo with this deeply penetrating conditioner that hydrates and fortifies hair without weighing it down. The fragrance-free formula, powered by hair-strengthening vegetable protein, nourishes, repairs, and closes hair cuticles for maximum shine.

How To Use

Apply conditioner to clean, wet hair, concentrating on any dry areas, and comb it through. Leave on for at least three minutes, comb through a second time, and then rinse thoroughly. For intense moisturizing, conditioner can be left on hair for up to 20 minutes.

“The ultimate hydrating treatment for hair. Leaves my hair with a healthy shine.” says Natalie Gee

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