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Are you enrolled at StephGeeSchool? Follow along with BEAUTY EXPERT @stephgeebeauty as she guides us through the what/why/how/when/who of all our various skin issues and concerns, and educates us on ingredients, products and regimens to achieve our best skin yet. Stephanie has been taught by the best of the best in beauty, spent one-on-one time with world-renown skin experts, and delivers easy to understand information for you to set skin goals and how to achieve real results.


Transform Dull To Glowing Skin

Stephanie Gee shares her product recommendations to help brighten, exfoliate, and enhance your natural glow.


How To Use My NuFACE

Stephanie Gee's step-by-step tutorial on how to use the NuFACE micro-current facial device.

About Stephanie Gee

My beauty journey started when I was seven years old by sneaking into my mother’s makeup drawer and applying lipstick in the perfect shade of red. It has now evolved into a complete health approach. I’m a big believer in balance - from my greens to my dark chocolate - and understanding that you (and your skin) are what you absorb. I’m naturally curious and love learning about nutrition, mindfulness, and other facets of wellness and how it affects our energy and outlook.
Being active and mentally engaged gives is so important me. I thrive on multitasking. My days involve a much-loved mix of working with our incredible team of beauty professionals, educating clients (in person, through email and via social media), demonstrating how to create their perfect brow, achieving foolproof concealer or customizing a skincare routine, while also developing our digital voice and e-commerce channel. To be able to give our clients the best Gee Beauty across all of these experiences, I make a great effort to gain inspiration from my surroundings while fulfilling my desire for growth. This combination has made me an eternal student who loves to pay it forward.
Representing the youngest Gee demographic, I think this is an exciting time in beauty with so many different and inspiring voices changing the industry. I welcome the positive changes in our society that have impacted beauty such as celebrating diversity, authenticity, and favoring quality of quantity. Since good things don’t happen overnight, beauty has become a continuous practice of creating the best vision of ourselves from the inside out. I’m honored that I am able share my evolving knowledge with others every single day (lipstick color obsessions included).

On The Blog


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