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Natalie Gee

Natalie Gee


As co-founder of Gee Beauty, Natalie oversees the company’s US studio in Bal Harbour, Florida, creating a unique, customized and completely modern beauty experience that caters to the international, jet-set clientele at Bal Harbour Shops.

In 2005, fueled by her strong entrepreneurial spirit, Natalie observed that something fresh and modern was missing from traditional beauty experiences. It was her vision for ’beauty-on-the-go’ that motivated her to create something innovative – an understating of the busy, modern lifestyle led to time-sensitive, user-friendly and effective beauty solutions. Her immense passion for delivering the very best to her clients has guided her to create distinct and effective beauty experiences paired with an exceptional level of personalized service. Natalie is a true believer that experience is everything.

Balancing her commitment to her business and her brand (as seen in Vogue) with an active, healthy lifestyle in a city as creative, entrepreneurial and inspirational as Miami keeps Natalie constantly energized, excited and engaged.

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A Little One-On-One With Natalie

What is your skin like?

It’s mostly oily/combination. I wish my skin was more dry because I love the idea of really rich creams lathered all over my face!

What is your skin goal?

Ultimately my skin care goal is to never look tired :)

What is your favorite service at gee?

This is a game I’ve been playing ever since we opened! If I were a client, what would I do at Gee Beauty! I would have my brows done monthly to include Brow Threading, full Face Threading (basically threading all over the face to remove all the peach fuzz - and once its off, your makeup goes on so smoothly!), Brow Tinting and Lash Tinting.

Next, our Medi-Multi Express Facial I think is genius. And last but not least, I would have my makeup done for any and all occasions (the Paparazzi). I LOVE having false lashes on (Fake It), I love how they make my eyes pop, so instead of applying them myself, I would be in that chair!

What is your favorite makeup product?

Our Gee Beauty Mineral Sheer Tint in Medium, Our Adobe Blush & our Coal Black Eyeliner.

What 3 products make the biggest difference with your skin?

I like to say if I was stuck on an island, this is what I would have with me. These 3 products not only make the biggest difference on my skin, but are the most advanced, preventative, and corrective.

Skinceuticals Phloretin CF
Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask
Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream

Other than products, what else makes you feel beautiful?

For me, working out is my physical and mental release. The feeling of being strong makes me feel beautiful. I love when I’m consistent with my green smoothies because I know that I’m feeding my body the nutrients it needs.

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