Meet The Gee Girls


Miriam Gee

As co-founder of Gee Beauty, Miriam has created a vision for a modern, innovative experience that reflects her favorite inspirations of world-renown service and retail, coupled with her personal, passionate approach to beauty and style.

With an innate love of beauty and a strong creative eye, Miriam began her self-taught career as a makeup artist and achieved early praise, working alongside Canada’s top photographers. It was on-set that she began the practice of shaping models’ eyebrows. Seeing the immediate definition it added to their faces, she realized the strength and efficiency of this practice and saw an opportunity for a bigger business idea.

Miriam has achieved tremendous recognition, including winning the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2008. She has shared her successes with her daughters and continues to cultivate Gee Beauty’s brand of healthy beauty and glamour on a daily basis.

When she’s not with her clients, Miriam explores and fuels her creativity at home through cooking and design. Always one to keep things current and fresh, Miriam loves to expand her knowledge – watching documentaries, sports, reading biographies, or learning a new language.

A Little One-On-One With Miriam

What is your skin like?

Normal to Combination, but I like a lot of hydration!

What is your skin goal?

To stimulate collagen production and maintain elasticity.

What is your favorite service at gee?

I love every service in our Medi-Beauty Department. Skin Tightening is my favorite IPL treatment because of the immediate results, plus there’s no down-time or redness. I love our medical masks combined with microdermabrasion and Skin Rejuvenation in our Medi-Multi Supreme. I also like the Atoxolene Infusion in the Intraceuticals Oxygen facials to promote brightness in my skin – especially for under my eyes. These combo-treatments, or stacking of treatments as some call it, really give my skin a significant boost in brightness, firmness and tightness.

What is your favorite makeup product?

Our whole Brow collection is unbelievable to really define, highlight and fill-in the brows. I start with our brow powder in Soft Smoke using our Brow brush to create the perfect arch while I slightly thicken the natural shape of my brow. Then I use our Illuminator to highlight the brow bone and the inner corners of the eyes. Next I set everything our Brow Fix clear setting gel. It really maintains and holds the look all day. If I need a touch-up before I head out to dinner or a meeting, I use our Brow Definers in Soft Taupe. A touch of taupe really keeps the brows looking natural in colour, and not too yellow-brown.

What 3 products make the biggest difference with your skin?

Dr. Sebagh Serum Repair for instant lifting and hydration
Tinted Primer with Kabuki Brush for flawless-looking skin
Photo-touch concealer to hide any redness and maintain even skin-tone

Other than products, what else makes you feel beautiful?

For me, maintaining a positive attitude is essential. Creating and reciting a mantra for success, happiness, and inner beauty keeps me focused on my goals, my dreams, and allows me to stay in the moment. Feeling creative (and expressing it) also gives me an incredible sense of fulfillment, and like I’m at my best self, and that’s really how I feel beautiful.

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