Gee Girls

You’re never too young to start with the basics. Get professional advice on how to emphasize your god-given attributes while realizing that there are age-appropriate looks. Our girls can begin their experience with us as early as 12. Once you turn 16, you’re officially ready to move up and try all new products and services.

Hello Gorgeous $20

The first thing every girl wants to have are great brows. But its not so easy to do yourself the right way.
Time: 15 min.

Lash Tinting $25

Not into mascara yet but want a pop of colour, why not tint them?
Time: 15 min.

Glam Girl $45

Get all your girls together tonight. You’ll be looking and feeling gorgeous with a Gee makeup application. Perfect for parties & nights out, you’ll love it!
Time: 30 min.

1, 2 Step $60

1, 2 steps are all you need to learn how to apply makeup to yourself. It’s not just for parties, we’ll teach you how to apply for school too. We know what you want and we’re here to give it to you.
Time: 40 min.

Blemish Buster $70

This treatment is designed to treat and clear. We extract, cleanse, exfoliate and work towards clearer skin.
Time: 60 min.

BBB $55

Bye Bye Blackheads. This fast clearing treatment will conquer your battle with blackheads! Guaranteed to have you leave blackhead free.
Time: 30 min.

Nail the Look $22

Hot today, gone tomorrow.  We know that with the new jeans and bangles, you need a vamp nail (or pink, red, or orange). We’ll file, soak, massage and then polish.
Time: 20 min.

Party Girls: Mani & Makeup $50

You’re never too young to emphasize your god-given looks! We’ll have you ready for the pages of Teen Vogue. Includes makeup application, polish change and lip gloss.
Time: 60 min.