Fingers & Toes

After your face, brow and makeup treatments, you’ve got a couple of choices. You can step out for a coffee or put the finishing touches on your fingers and toes. A little buff and polish will put the crowning touch on your visit.  And we’ll have someone go fetch you the cappuccino if you’ve got a craving.

Express Mani $25 / French $35

Our quicky manicure will get your hands in shape by shaping and perfectly polishing those nails.
Time: 30 min.

Hand Lightening Mani $45

Going 1 step further, the hand lightening mani lightens and brightens your skin to help diminish sun spots while improving pigmentation. Your nails are perfect and your hands have never looked healthier.
Time: 35 min.

Polish Change $15 / French $20

Time: 15 min.

The Fetish $50

Darling, if you’re going to walk all over someone, you’re going to need to pamper your feet first. The Fetish is the ultimate 60 minute treatment with your favorite colour finish.