Down Below

Leaving nothing to chance, Gee Beauty believes you deserve the best 'beauty below the face' - hence, welcome Down Below. It’s all about maintaining the details, which is why we refer to it as ‘detailing’ in the first place. & a word to the wise - venturing down below is not something to think about a week before your holiday. & unlike your boyfriend, this is something you should try to commit to.

Upper Management

For those of us who are all business and who don’t adhere to the notion that you can’t start at the top. It’s often referred to as the “bikini wax”, but only by women who still believe that leg warmers and windbreakers are still acceptable in public. It’s not about vacationing or beaches. It’s a regime, darling. $40


For those of us who have been in upper management long enough & who want to keep their title but move on to something cleaner, & a little more precise. $45


Going south? Then you can’t go wrong with Brazil. Rio is nice this time of year. Depart from Toronto (YYZ) & land in Rio (GIG). $50

Material Girl

Ask yourself, “what would Madonna do?” Then let your imagination run wild. Letter? Heart? You name it, we can do it. $50


Begging your pardon. (If it’s not evident by now, perhaps you may want to choose something more your style). $55