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Celene Gee

Celene Gee


As Creative Director of Gee Beauty and 6 By Gee Beauty, Celene creates and oversees the brand’s vision, voice, style and direction.

With an eye for beauty across many visual mediums, Celene’s creative spirit is fueled by her love of design, style, travel, fashion, art and interiors. A strong background in branding and marketing gives her the foundation to maintain Gee Beauty’s unique aesthetic, directing all aspects of the brand’s creativity and client-experience in-studio and online.

Traveling and discovering world-class retail experiences, balanced with an active lifestyle (and a beach-day in Miami as often as possible), keeps Celene creative, fueled and passionate about building the Gee Beauty brand.

Follow @celenegeebeauty on Instagram for a little creative inspiration plus her favorites from 6 By Gee Beauty.

A Little One-On-One With Celene

What is your skin like?

Oily and combination.

What is your skin goal?

I’d love wear tinted moisturizer as my only form of coverage! Tight pores, even skin tone, prevention, and reduce oil production but maintain youthful glow!

What is your favorite service at gee?

I love Skin Rejuvenation with IPL (essentially diffused laser) to clear, brighten and smooth my skin. It’s so result-driven and effective.

I also love a good Brow Tint. It really does give a fuller, thicker, defined look to the brows – especially if your brows are on the thin side. You really get the effects when you use GrandeBrow regularly to help promote hair growth. A winning combo.

What is your favorite makeup product?

I love our Foundation Sticks – they’re so easy for beauty-on-the-go and give great coverage without weighing the skin down or concealing too much. I also can’t be without our A Gee Thing lipstick. It’s my favorite lipstick of all time. It’s the perfect creamy, warm, soft nude shade.

What 3 products make the biggest difference with your skin?

I definitely need some type of refining treatment on a regular basis to keep my skin clear, bright and smooth. I rotate between Sunday Riley Good Genes, SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age and also Retinol Reform (available in-studio). Because I know how my skin reacts and what it can handle, I like to switch it up and keep my skin ‘on it’s toes.’ I soothe and hydrate with SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel which also has great firming properties. I also can’t resist a glow on the skin, so I like to apply James Read Sleep Tan Mask a few nights a week.

Other than products, what else makes you feel beautiful?

I think having a great sense of balance contributes to feeling beautiful. Being in a good groove of creativity in my work, feeling stimulated mentally, staying active, eating healthy and also spending time with friends and laughing really give me a sense of fulfillment.

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