Brows & Lashes

Catching someone’s eye is one thing, while having your heart leap to your throat is quite another. The latter being the effect a well-groomed brow or faux lashes could have on anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse of your twinkling beauties. Long lashes and shaped brows are just the beginning.

Gee Beauty Brow $35

Allow a gee beauty artist to give you some shape. The right brow will brighten your eyes & frame your face. It's our mini eye-lift! (We recommend threading but we can also accommodate with tweezing).
Time: 15 min.

Face Threading $15-25

Brow 911 $150 (for 8 sessions)

If you're not happy with your brows or they feel over plucked, we can rescue them. In 8 sessions, we'll help take the thin line & turn them into fuller; more shapely arches. The fuller they are, the younger you look. (Trust us, we've been there!).
Time: 15 min.

Brow Tinting $32

Help make your brows more defined with a pop of superb colour.
Time: 5 min.

Fake It $25

Sometimes all a girl needs is lash lushness from faux lashes. Whether a small amount of 3 or 4 hairs, or a full set, you'll see a fantastic lift. (with no signs of tampering).
Time: 5 min.

Fluttery will get you everywhere

Using our Xtreme Lashes, our lash extensions give you thicker, fuller, more luscious lashes. Choose from 35 lashes per eye for a natural look, 50 lashes for a little more definition, or 100 lashes for even more fullness & glamour. We recommend touch-ups every 2-3 weeks to maintain beautiful lashes.

35 lashes per eye $150 (total)
50 lashes per eye $250 (total)
100 lashes per eye $395 (total)
re-fill every 2 weeks $75; every 3 weeks $125

Lash Tinting: $35

Help make your lashes more defined with a pop of superb colour.
Time: 20 min.

Brow Stroking

Introducing Gee Beauty Brow Stroking, the latest technology for eyebrows. The Brow Stroking technique is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement, which can last from 1 - 2 years. Using a hand-tool method comprised of multiple micro needles and using naturally derived ink, a specialist/certified technician creates ultra fine, natural hair strokes, which simulate the look of real hair. The ink is placed in the upper dermal layer of the skin, therefore making the treatment semi-permanent. A topical anesthetic is used during, to ensure that the treatment is very comfortable.

2-session treatment:

Gee Beauty Brow Stroking is done in a series of two sessions. Once the first treatment is completed, it is essential to book the second treatment immediately following which should be booked for 4 weeks following the initial session. The skin is such a unique organ, so it is hard to predict how the skin will retain the pigment. The second treatment will allow us to examine the results of the first session, and will ensure a perfect, long lasting result.

Gee Beauty Brow Stroking is perfect for the following:

  • Thin/fine brows from over-tweezing
  • Loss of eyebrow hair
  • Thickening a thin brow
  • Lack of definition
  • Lengthening a shorter eyebrow
  • Correcting asymmetry
  • Active lifestyles
  • Trouble applying brow make up
  • Alopecia
  • Scars
Note: Price and length of session are determined on a one-on-one basis, after the initial consultation. It is essential to book a private consultation to determine if this treatment is suitable for you. The consultation is a $50 fee and is redeemed at purchase of service.

Please email or call to book your one-on-one consultation, or for any questions.