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What's In My Bag 7 months ago

What's In My Bag: Gee Edition

Wondering what's always in our bags?

Today on the #GeeList, we're opening up our totes and giving you an inside look at everything we carry with us in a day. Makeup and daily essentials aside, wait until you see just how much we fit in our bags and a few items that might surprise you!

Miriam Gee:

I carry a large tote and always with me are my makeup and skincare essentials so I can touch up quickly and efficiently for an instant boost. I also keep photos and keepsakes from my grandchildren as well as my sneakers so I can get my steps in throughout the day!” - Miriam Gee

Natalie Gee:

I keep a makeup bag in my car so in my bag so inside my bag, my makeup is pretty simple. As a mom, I'm always carrying photos of my kids plus some type of toy and today is no different. I was recently in NYC and I've somehow continued to carry this restaurant menu with me!” - Natalie Gee

Celene Gee:

I like to have all my essentials with me at all times so inside my tote are all of my makeup + beauty products as well as my laptop, mouse, hair clip, and travel sizes of my fave supplements.” - Celene Gee

Steph Gee:

Of course I have a mini beauty + skincare collection inside my bag but I also keep a travel-size light in case the mood to film comes over me! Plus you'll never find me without my favorite Toner by Joanna Czech!” - Steph Gee


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