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Travel 6 months ago

Travel Edition: Come With Us To L.A + Dallas

Take a peek inside our recent trip to Dallas + LA!

Today on the #GeeEdit, we're sharing how we stay true to our routines and embrace new ones while on the go.

From our in-flight beauty tips to our tried and true packing hacks, we enjoyed every moment, connected with some amazing new people yes, we even shared 1 room!

In-Flight Beauty

We take great pride in our in-flight beauty regimens. We keep it minimal but trust us, it's certainly effective and helps us arrive at our destination looking and feeling fresh. What's in our bags? We don't travel anywhere without our Clean Sweep wipes, X3 Hydration Mist, Dr. Dennis Gross Universal Peel Pads, Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum, and Rose Lip Mask!

Steph's In-Flight Beauty Routine

How We Packed:

Knowing it was going to be a business trip visiting Neiman Marcus, Joanna Czech and Storied Beauty, in different climates we made sure to pack accordingly. When we're on the go we really lean into our signature styles and focus on being comfortable but always with a polished and stylish edge.

We love to pack layers because you can create a lot of different looks with a few options that can be worn multiple ways: a great oversized blazer can be worn with cut-off shorts, a long slip dress, my workout wear, and even to elevate my sweats. Often times you can get away with wearing items on repeat and just changing up your accessories.

Coming from Miami, LA definitely has cooler temperatures at different points throughout the day with zero humidity, so its all about layering and hydration so the skin looks nourished and embracing the fresh air.” - Celene Gee
Skincare + Beauty:

The nice thing about travelling with our family and staying in one room means it's like being kids in the house again. We ask permission and borrow clothes and skincare - especially true in the bathroom where we love to share products. An eye cream or tool looks more exciting when someone else is using it — similar to food always looking more appealing on someone elses plate and it helps us look at something with fresh eyes. 

I love seeing what everyone is up to with their skincare, makeup + style. It always creates inspiration for each of us to take home with us!” - Celene Gee
I'm constantly inspired by Miriam, Natalie + Steph, here are the inspirations I took home with me after this trip!

- Miriam: It's so fresh to see how Miriam mixes her patterns, prints and textures when she styles herself for the day. It's always been her signature and something I've constantly been inspired by.

- Natalie: watching Nat with her new eye technique using the liquid eyeliner really inspired me. I love how she creates a fresh look using the same product.

- Steph: I'm always interested in how Steph does her skincare layering. I definitely took home some tips!

Healthy Habits:

You know by now that when we travel, we always hit up a grocery store for healthy snacks. Of course in LA we had to go to Erewhon! If you're wondering where all the cool people are in LA, they're all at Erewhon. Picking your own food while travelling is our fave way to take our routines on the road. 

Here are our go-to tips:

  1. Reach for fresh foods and veggies that nourishing so you're eating what you want to be eating and not reaching for foods that won't make you feel your best.
  2. Do a scan the menu for the healthiest options - don't be afraid to put together a meal of sides or two appetizers.
  3. Drink as much water as you can to stay hydrated.
  4. Waking up and start depuffing - ask for extra ice and put your skin tools in for a cooling effect that's extra depuffing. The new De La Heart Body Sculptor is great to depuff, plus it's super lightweight which makes it easy for travel.
  5. Plan a few calming minutes with an ice roller or sheet mask to feel prepared as possible when you're outside your comfort zone.
  6. Bring your essentials with you! We never travel without our supplements which bring a sense of routine and home no matter where we are.
  7. Walking as much as you can. It's amazing for improving circulation, lymphatic drainage, detoxification, and boosting energy.
  8. Skip drinking if you know you have to be up early. Just because you're travelling doesn't mean you're on vacation!
  9. Keep it moving. You won't have as much control as you would at home so it can be unpredictable. Lean into it and do your best.

Our first stop was visiting Joanna Czech. We always love meeting her clientele and we did our signature 5-minute glow makeup applications. Connecting with her amazing team and clients is always a highlight.

On the Saturday we went to an event hosted by Storied Beauty, another one of our treasured retailers. It truly was a beautiful day full of connection, community and beauty. 

If you didn't already know, we're new at Neiman Marcus and while in Dallas we visited the North Park Mall location. We are so excited to be meeting the teams and educating about Gee Beauty and eventually visit all the stores. In LA we also visited Fashion Island in Newport Beach as well as the Beverly Hills location.

It's been so exciting to meet all of the beauty teams and share the Gee love. We definitely will be back for more!” - Natalie Gee

We finished off the trip with a really incredible beauty breakfast for LA-based media and creators. It was a really special morning meeting new faces, reconnecting with friends and sharing the love of Gee Beauty. 

Thanks for following along! xx


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