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Clean Home 1 years ago

Time To Clean? Time To Replace?

When To Keep, When To Toss, My Key Tips For Keeping Your Makeup Brushes In The Best Shape.

I can confidently say ‘I have seen it all before’ when talking about makeup brushes. There’s definitely a time starting fresh is the best solution for your skin and your makeup bag! I'm sharing all my best tips for how to make your makeup brushes live long, and when it’s time to start over again! 


Commit to consistent makeup brush cleaning. I clean my brushes every two weeks usually on Sundays. I take all my brushes with a very gentle brush wash and gently wash each brushes making sure not to soak the entire handle, only the brush hairs. Next, I pat and towel dry and lay my brushes flat on a towel to dry overnight. 

I find it incredibly helpful to have double of your favorite makeup brushes on hand. Firstly, it’s great for back up, and secondly it’s always really great to have a clean one handy in case you are a little lazy on consistent washing. My favorites to have double of are the Kabuki Foundation and Contour + Highlight brushes. 

You can realistically keep brushes for years. If you are invested in making sure you maintain the quality, I cannot explain how important it is to take great care and be gentle when washing.

Tip: when patting your brushes dry, keep the brush in an upright position, try not to squish or smush the brushes to help them dry faster. This is a sure way to take your brush from fab to drab.” - Natalie Gee


Here’s the thing, if you are not going to consistently wash your brushes, then a quarterly overhaul is in your horizon. if you are using liquid foundations and concealers or heavily pigmented makeup you might notice your brushes feeling sticky on the skin, looking separated more fluffy, and definitely streaking your skin. This is when it’s time to toss and re-invest in another. 


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