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Guide 8 months ago

The Gee-Guide To Our Most Used Apps

As most of you know we're all about multi-tasking!

Today on the #GeeEdit we're sharing the 5 apps we each use the most in our day.

From workouts and content creation to communicating with our teams and tracking our steps, we're laying it all out for you.

I wear my Oura ring everyday and night, it really helps me keep my sleep on track and monitor my daily movement. The girls got me into it and I'm so glad they did. And if you know me, you know my day is never complete without a Rachel Fitness workout!” - Miriam Gee
When I'm not on my phone creating content, checking our daily sales reports or communicating with my team, my kids are usually close by with YouTube kids streaming!” - Natalie Gee
I've been traveling a lot recently for work and I keep the American Airlines app on my homepage to monitor for the best flight deals.” - Celene Gee

This Is How We Travel


1. TikTok

2. Google Chat

3. LinkedIn

4. Camera

5. Spotify

I'm ALWAYS listening to a podcast, whether I am working out, driving to work or cooking dinner with my husband. PLUS I am launching an exciting new personal project in December and want to be well versed in the space.” - Stephanie Gee

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Happy Sunday!
xx The Gee's


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