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Guide 7 months ago

Our Mindset For The New Year

Forget resolutions, it's all about a modern mindset:

The Gee's are sharing what we'll be bringing into the new year. A positive outlook, our inspirations, daily habits, self-care rituals and our best productivity hacks - we're talking about our best tips to step in with our best foot forward.
I have realized in the past years that the words 'I NEED' are so fleeting. Now I believe and practice is 'WHAT IS NEEDED OF ME. What is asked of me to give'. The most important relationship is your relationship with yourself. The word and practice of consistency. This is my 2022.” - Miriam Gee
I’m starting my 2022 in a place of abundance. I really want to focus on small movements (using this word instead of changes) to get me where I want to go. The movement is all so real, so I want go into this New Year grateful, focused, excited and ready.” - Natalie Gee
I'm over the idea of resolutions - to me it feels like that's about correcting or changing a past behavior. It's all about setting new goals for the year: smaller daily actions that turn into healthy habits, and bigger projects and self-development - lets look ahead and focus on what's in our control. Write it down, plan for it.” - Celene Gee
To me, it's just as important to reflect on what you have accomplished, as it is to plan what you want to accomplish. 2021 was a major year and we should give ourselves a round of applause for moving through it amongst it's challenges. For this new year, my goals are focused on inner strength, abundance and self-growth. With daily work on these mindset pillars, the rest will come.” - Stephanie Gee


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