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Wellness 2 years ago

Miriam Gee's Tips To Rest & Recharge

A good night's sleep is integral to overall good health, wellness & natural beauty.

Miriam Gee is sharing her tips, best practices & favorite products for her best night's sleep.

Create a bedtime routine to help signal your body its time to unwind: take a bath or shower, stretch your body, drink a calming or herbal tea, read or try some deep breathing with an essential oil on your wrists. Once you do it consistently for a few nights, you'll notice a difference and be hooked on these habits.

Set The Tone
My nighttime calming tea with a little added honey sets the tone and brings a nice calmness to my evening. Something else that helps me relax is using my gua sha. Not only do I notice instant results, but the massaging is so soothing.”
Find Joy
Find the joy in even the small things like having a cup of tea, applying lip balm, or putting on a robe. Whatever it is that you do, make it joyful even if it's 5 minutes. Doing something for yourself and your skin makes a difference.”
Evening Essentials

Here are the products that really help me wind down after a busy day. If my mind is racing, I take the Calm capsules from Arrae that help to naturally take the edge off. You can never go wrong with a cup of warm tea, either.

Always On The Night Stand

These are the products I always keep within reach on my nightstand. Lip balm and hand cream are a must but sometimes I love an extra dab of Rose De Vie Serum before I close my eyes. The rose scent is so relaxing.

Watch Miriam's calming evening rituals routine


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