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Calm 2 years ago

8 Ways I Aim To Maintain Calm

Keeping a positive mindset and attitude can be challenging sometimes.

Anxiety creeps up on even the best of us from time to time (hello 2020 onwards) and while it can be tough to manage and see through to the other side, for me it’s always important to try to treat these moments like a rolling wave — they come and they go. 

I'm sharing some of the tips and practices I use to help me when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed or anxious. It's important to note that these are just my own practices, and when needed its always best for us to reach out to trusted family, friends and professionals.

#1: Take A Chill Pill - Literally!

Deep breathing and mindful meditations are great tools, and if you need some extra help a great option are the Calm supplements by Arrae. These capsules can help achieve a calmer state of mind thanks to a natural blend of soothing Magnesium, which gently relaxes the mind and lowers cortisol levels which increase during anxious periods, L-Theanine for anxiety, Inositol for reducing panic, and Passionflower for relaxation. You can take them at any point of the day but if you experience interrupted sleep or anxiety-caused insomnia, take before bed for a sound night’s rest. 

#2: Something For The Bath

Even if you’re like me and you’re more of a shower person, immersing yourself in water can really help in the moment if you're feeling anxious. Creating a spa-like vibe for your bath is truly transformative and can really help take the edge off. Try sparking up some new candles to set a calming mood, and give yourself the treat of luxe bath salts, soothing oils, and even a hydrating face mask to get you glowing.

If you just can’t get down with a bath, get a steamy shower going and drop some calming essential oils on the shower floor to invigorate your senses. To take it to the next level, get yourself some eucalyptus and hang it from the shower head. The steam will release the oils giving you the most relaxing shower you’ve ever had — trust me!

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#3: When In Doubt, Roll It Out

You know I love my Hot Mess Ice Roller and how it calms redness and de-puffs the face but I find it can also help soothe my mind too. I recently discovered that ice rolling on my chest helps calm me down by acting like a cool-down period if I feel my body getting too warm or overwhelmed.

If ice rolling isn’t what feels good for you, try a few drops of your favorite oil and use your Gua Sha or cupping kit to get the same soothing effect. 

#4: Take A Deep Breath

It might seem like the most obvious thing in the world but inhaling deeply with intention is proven to help you return to a more calm state of mind. My suggestion is to add a few drops of essential oils into your palms and take six deep inhales and exhales. It can help you recenter and feel more present.

#5: Journal Your Thoughts

Journaling is a great tool to help keep you present, gain perspective and track your progress. If this can seem overwhelming, try The Future Self Journal. It makes it easy because it's filled with prompts and brief questions to help you focus on details instead of the big picture, small changes we want to make, and daily mindset goals. It helps the process feel more achievable.

To get the full benefits of journaling, it’s important to make it a habit. Create a calming morning routine that includes warm water with lemon, deep breaths, some movement or stretching, some sunlight if possible - after a couple of weeks, you'll come to crave this routine because of the mood-boosting benefits.  

#6: Book A Facial

Seeing a bright, clear and glowing complexion in the mirror gives be a boost of self confidence like no other. Drinking my water and doing my skincare routine gets me in perfect shape to get the most benefits from a transformative facial. Being in the hands of a trusted expert, with professional tools and products, plus the pampering - its truly a treat for the mind and body!

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#7: Get Moving!

If you just can’t seem to shake that anxious feeling, get yourself outside and moving. Even if it’s chilly, the fresh air will help you to inhale deeply and the movement will instantly alter your perspective. What also helps me feel grounded is to phone a trusted friend who I can confide in and get whatever it is I’m feeling off my chest. 

#8: Reach Out

What also helps me feel grounded is to phone a trusted family member friend who I can confide in and get whatever it is I’m feeling off my chest. 

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