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Wellness 2 months ago

How Each Gee Gets A Good Night's Sleep


If you're not feeling as rested as you'd like, then you've come to the right place. With so much going on in our day to day lives, we're here to help you tune out the noise and really relax.

Today on the #GeeEdit Blog, each of the Gee Women are sharing their tips and tricks to how they get a good night's rest.

Miriam Gee:

I love my routine for bed. It actually starts with my dinner, which is usually done at 7pm. After dinner, I have been getting in the habit of taking a 15-minute walk outside or on the treadmill in order to best absorb the day. This mini workout really makes me feel great. 

Next, I love doing two 5-minute practices: placing my legs up on the wall and praying simultaneously followed by 5 minutes of stretching. I keep my timer on and that helps me accomplish what I know really helps me, while moving me along to the next set of routines.

Some nights I like to stretch while listening to the the calming sounds of rain and thunder. It’s so peaceful in my head and feels so cozy.

I truly have seen the difference of doing this practice of not taking my day to bed with me.” - Miriam Gee

Next, I love love love my bathroom routine, which, of course, starts with taking a bath. I intentionally make it as peaceful as possible with my mind and body, by how I prepare the bath, set out my PJ’s and so on. Afterwards I always spray my bed with a scent of choice. And yes, I sleep on a silk pillow case. For real!

For evening supplements, I take magnesium, and Sleep by Arrae. Is a nightly must. I also keep huge glass of water on my night stand.

My wind down is so important to me, it sets my next day. I give respect to my routine and my choices, because it allows me to rest and be energized for everything the next day has in store.  

Natalie Gee:

My sleep routine has been a little off for the last few weeks but I'm all about recomitting to my routines and rituals that I know will serve me. After a few weeks out of routine (and feeling it), here’s how I plan to adjust back to living optimally.

It’s important to sleep in a bed you feel cozy and comfortable in - it definitely helps me achieve a good night's sleep. ” - Natalie Gee

1. Drink water, and I make sure to get my electrolytes in!

2. I love the Sakara Detox tea before bed, and I make sure to get in my Goddess Prebiotic (1/2 scoop) mixed in - the prebiotic fiber helps assist in gut repair while I rest)

3. I’m going to start taking Holi (radiance) in the AM - one 3ml scoop in water with lemon. This will assist in detoxing the body as well as give my a boost of antioxidants - my sleep routine starts in the morning!

4. Read 10-20 pages of my books in bed! I loved this routine (when I was doing it), brought me a lot of inner peace so I’m excited to start this again. 

5. Finding bed sheets you love! I’m a big fan of light linen - It’s my favorite to sleep in because it's very breathable and light, and has a cooling effect.

Celene Gee:

My nightly bath is my wind-down time and totally signals my body and mind that bedtime is coming. It’s like the transition from day to evening for me – knowing that my day is done – I really focus on wellness, planning for the next day, and my beauty routine.

My game-changing post bath tip is to drink a glass of cold water right after. It feels amazing! I feel so cozy and fresh afterwards.” - Celene Gee

I definitely admit to having an extensive bath and body routine – it’s like a ritual. I focus on hydration, incorporating essential oils, scrubs and creams, and usually do a face mask while I soak. This really calms my body down and begin to feel tired and ready for sleep.

Stephanie Gee:

Over the past 6 months I’ve implemented a few rituals before bed that support me to relax easily and get into bed earlier. I aim to finish eating for the day two hours before bed. This allows my digestive system to relax and focus on digestion. I then change into a cozy pair of pajamas, make myself a big mug of peppermint tea with a splash of honey and spend time with Julien. We usually hang out on the couch, play Wordle, watch a show or talk – all depends on how we feel.

I also love wearing my Oura Ring for the stats on my sleep. The next morning I can see how many hours of deep sleep I got, my body temperature and how restored I am based on my quality of sleep. I love this type of information!

I’ve learned that my evening, wind down routine is equally as important to my morning routine.” - Steph Gee

Thirty minutes before bed, I do my nighttime skincare routine, take my supplements (a probitic, magnesium and Wellbel of course), and get into bed. My ideal time to be in bed is 9:30pm, and the goal is to be sleeping by 10pm. I wake up early to go to the gym or go for a long walk, so getting my 8 hours is key for me to feel my best.

Once I’m in bed, it’s lights out. I try to limit as much screen time (aka scrolling TikTok) as much as I can. Some nights are better than others, but that’s life!

If I ever struggle to fall asleep, I love taking Arrae Calm. It’s one of my most precious supplements for when I need to calm my mind and body. I recommend it to everyone!

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Sweet dreams!
xx The Gee's


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