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Style 7 months ago

Gee Takeover: Catching Up With Jenny Bird

Meet Jenny Bird.

A Canadian jewelry designer and close friend of the Gee women, Jenny is a trendsetter and industry icon and we're honored to have her take over the #GeeEdit this week!

We're getting the lowdown from Jenny on how to build a jewelry collection, what her go-to pieces are plus which Gee Beauty makeup items are her must-haves!

What's one JB piece you are always wearing?

Lately I’m stacking my wrists and always wearing either the Gia or Mega Gia Bangle.

Jenny Bird @ 6

Which celebrity has had the biggest effect when they wore one of your pieces?

I wouldn’t say it’s just one person that drives the most demand, but rather it’s the CONSTANT stream of celebrity spottings that keep the brand top of mind and give our clients the confidence that they are buying on-trend pieces. From Hailey Bieber in our Nouveaux Puffs and Chunky Doune Hoops, to Eva Longoria in our Mega U-Link Earrings, the endorsements speak volumes.

Photos via @_jennybird

In 3 words, how would you describe your personal style?

On trend. Fearless. Comfortable.

If you had to put an outfit together in just 2 minutes, what would you pick?

Nothing is easier than a suit or a summer set, so that goes on with flats (sneakers, sandals, or boots, just has to be flat) a good ear game and I’m out the door.

Connect With Jenny

You are so well known for your jewelry but you recently launched a new category! What sparked the move into eyewear?

I was ready for a new challenge. Designing SUN was a natural extension for me, especially the metal frames where I can bring my sensibility from the jewelry into the frames seamlessly and they just make sense for the brand to offer. Even though the market is so crowded, I had a hard time finding frames I loved without sacrificing something—whether it was comfort, design, or the sheer cost of cool frames.

High-quality and high-design options were nearly impossible to find at a (fair) $250 price point. I’ve really enjoyed it so far and am very proud that our entire range is sustainable, made of recycled steel (the metal frames) and biodegradable acetate.

I decided I could make a line where no sacrifices were required.” - Jenny Bird

Shop JB Sun

If someone is new to your brand, what piece of Jenny Bird jewelry should they start with to curate their collection?

I do a beautiful job designing little sculptures we call earrings at JB. Since jewelry is so personal, I would tell them to check out all of my earring designs and start with the one pair that speaks to them. Your jewelry should bring you joy and you should feel an emotional connection with it. 

Or if earrings aren’t for you, I would remind them that the wrist stack is back (it is!) and suggest layering a new modern piece into what they already wear for bracelets. Start with the Gia Bangle for a structural, clear look or the new Celeste Bracelet which is soft and features a strand of connected, striking spheres that really adds wrist interest.

We love that you love Gee Beauty makeup! What makeup items are always in your bag?

Every single day I use these Gee products:

- Prime Skin 

- Effortless eyeshadow palette (but I just got the Modern Matte Palette so I’m excited to switch it up this month)

- Creamy lip define pencil in babe

- Duo Cleanse + Buff

- Liptoxyl X3

- Color Sticks

Jenny's Gee Essentials

Have a great weekend! xx


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