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#CeleneCuisine: Holidays At Home

Home for the holidays and so happy about it? Me too!

I love a cozy evening at home with loved ones,

close friends and family, spending time disconnecting from our devices and re-connecting IRL. For me, the table really sets the tone for the experience. These are my top tips.


I like to serve a mix of snacks: easily cut up vegetables, nuts, crackers, chips, a few dips like guacamole, hummus, roasted red pepper dip. It's nice to prepare foods you know your guests like, and might also be nice to ask ahead of time if there are any dietary restrictions or preferances.

The Scene

My top tips for creating the right vibe:

- dim the lights so its more intimate but still conversational

- the right playlist of good-mood music (create one ahead of the night), at just the right volume level

- candles can be small votives on the table, a scented candle at the entry-way of your home

- make sure flowers or candles don't dominate the table and prevent conversation from across the table; everything should feel like it can be moved around and shifted to allow for a casual experience

- lay the table out with snacks, extra napkins, side plates, pitcher of water and glasses

- mix items throughout the table and at other spots in the room so that different groups of people can talk and enjoy and not be reaching for the food and drinks in one spot only

- as the host, wear something festive but comfortable and cozy; maybe a fun sparkly pair of earrings with a soft cashmere sweater or simple white tank top and jeans

- your mood dictates the party! everyone vibes off of the host and you are the one to make everyone feel welcome and at home

- if you're in the kitchen a lot, assign a friend to help circulate the room and ensure everyone has what they need, but don't forget to pop out and enjoy yourself!

I love when the table feels intimate and personal. Music, candles, flowers, easy to eat small snacks, fresh drinks like sparkling water, wine or a cocktail of the night.”


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