Brows & Lashes

Catching someone’s eye is one thing, while having your heart leap to your throat is quite another. The latter being the effect a well-groomed brow or faux lashes could have on anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse of your twinkling beauties. Long lashes and shaped brows are just the beginning.

Gee Beauty Brow $35

Allow a gee beauty artist to give you some shape. The right brow will brighten your eyes & frame your face. It's our mini eye-lift! (We recommend threading but we can also accomodate with tweezing).
Time: 15 min.

Face Threading $15-25

Brow 911 $150 (for 8 sessions)

If you're not happy with your brows or they feel over plucked, we can rescue them. In 8 sessions, we'll help take the thin line & turn them into fuller; more shapely arches. The fuller they are, the younger you look. (Trust us, we've been there!).
Time: 15 min.

Brow Tinting $32

Help make your brows more defined with a pop of superb colour.
Time: 5 min.

Fake It $25

Sometimes all a girl needs is lash lushness from faux lashes. Whether a small amount of 3 or 4 hairs, or a full set, you'll see a fantastic lift. (with no signs of tampering).
Time: 5 min.

Fluttery will get you everywhere

Using our Xtreme Lashes, our lash extensions give you thicker, fuller, more luscious lashes. Choose from 35 lashes per eye for a natural look, 50 lashes for a little more definition, or 100 lashes for even more fullness & glamour. We recommend touch-ups every 2-3 weeks to maintain beautiful lashes.

35 lashes per eye $150 (total)
50 lashes per eye $250 (total)
100 lashes per eye $395 (total)
re-fill every 2 weeks $75; every 3 weeks $125

Lash Tinting: $35

Help make your lashes more defined with a pop of superb colour.
Time: 20 min.